Blue Swivel Office Chair



Blue Swivel Office Chair

Compared with an ordinary home chair, this blue swivel office chair boasts its five-star feet, which makes it stand more stably. Thanks to its ergonomic treatment, it brings not only extreme comfort but also good breathability. The chair is great for office workers, students, teachers, businessmen etc. If you happen to need one, do not hesitate to try our Medium Back Wide Mesh Home Blue Swivel Office Chair!

1. Soft and comfortable cushion with ergonomic design2. With five-star feet design, it stands more stably3. Ideal for businessmen, teachers, workers and students and so on4. It provides armrest to bring extra comfort to you

1. Color: Black Blue

2. Seat dimensions: (52 x 53) cm (L x W)

3. Backrest dimensions: (55 x 84.5) cm (L x W)

4. Pillow dimensions: (28 x 16) cm (L x W)

5. Pillow dimensions: (33 x 18) cm (L x W)

6. Dimensions of dormant feet: (34 x 20) cm (L x W)

7. Five-star foot diameter: 68 cm

8. Adjustable height: (128.5-136.5) cm

9. Weight: 19 kg
Package Includes:

1 x Home Office Chair

Additional information

Weight 25500 lbs
Dimensions 86 × 65 × 33 in